About Us


After more than 25 years in the A/E/C community, working with organizations of all shapes and sizes, Lori Coletti founded Big Bark Solutions as a way to support the industry as a resource to organizations struggling with a variety of issues that affect longterm success, from brand identity to strategy to tactics for getting the work done.

Lori Coletti has spent her professional career in technical capacities with the added responsibility for strategy, direction, and growth, especially for unique business structures and businesses in transitions of all sorts. Her business acumen, practical approach, and can-do attitude are motivational, and her positive energy is inspirational.


Kim Hartman has over a decade of technical expertise as a project leader and project administrator in the A/E/C community. Her attention to detail and ability to apply the right technological solution helps her clients to take action. Kim provides the "backbone" to Big Bark clients, translating strategies into work product and solutions.


LuckyLUCKY is a 2-year-old English Mastiff weighing in at 160+ pounds. His bark is much worse than his bite—in fact, his bite is confined to bones, breakfast, and an assortment of favorite toys.
Jerry GarciaJERRY GARCIA, a 10-year old Pekingese mix, is the latest to join the Barkers. He was injured and unsocialized—now he's the funkiest member of the Bark crew. ShortySHORTY is a 9-year-old Puggle who came from the Animal Rescue League of Boston. He is quite a character and a real tough guy, but his loyalty to the Barker pack is famous. MaxineMAXINE is a 12-year-old Jack Russel and Shelty mix who came from North Carolina as a rescue puppy. She is smart, savvy, quick, and funny—and the prettiest Barker ever.